During this Advent season, I invite you to embark on a faith journey, delving into Sacred Scripture and accompanying Wendy Ingham as she readies herself for reception into the Church at Easter. This expedition of faith will also continue throughout Lent, offering an open invitation for all to join us on a ten-week journey and renewal of faith.

Advent beckons as a sacred season of anticipation and reflection. In its quiet moments, we find ourselves on the threshold of hope, preparing to celebrate the profound significance of Christ’s arrival on that first Christmas and pointing us to prepare for his final arrival at the end of time. Advent is not a secular countdown to Christmas but a pilgrimage of the soul in preparation to meet Our Lord & Saviour.

Newsletter – 3 December 2023

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Latest Addition To Our Site – 24th September: Trip to Astley Hall

Our party of 23 enjoyed a very informative guided tour of the newly-renovated 16th century Astley Hall – Click here for more information and images of the day

Contributions to Sacred Heart & St Anne

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Past letters from Father Jim concerning coronavirus situation can be read here

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The Vatican Media Live Video Stream

The Vatican Media Live Video stream can now be viewed on our Pope Francis Daily Message Page

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