19th Sunday in Ordinary Time 9th August 2020

Following the temporary closure of Sacred Heart Church, it is planned to reopen next weekend with the Sunday masses celebrated at the usual times: 6.15 p.m. Vigil Mass on Saturday, 15th August and Sunday morning Mass on the 16th at 10.30. St Anne’s will open for Sunday Mass at 12.30 p.m.

SOCIAL-DISTANCING MARKINGS at Sacred Heart have been reviewed during the period of closure and parishioners will, it is hoped, be pleased to see that the unattractive yellow tapes have all been removed and replaced with more tasteful red ribbon marking off the benches which are out of use. May we remind everyone that face-coverings should now be worn in the church.


Monday, 10th August : St Lawrence, Martyr

Tuesday, 11th August : St Clare

Wednesday, 12th August : St Jane Frances de Chantal

Thursday, 13th August : St Pontian & St Hippolytus, Martyrs

Friday, 14th August : St Maximilian Mary Kolbe, Martyr



St Lawrence : A deacon in Rome in the time of Pope Sixtus II, he was responsible for the charitable work of the Roman Church. When arrested, he was asked for the treasure of the Church; his answer was to point to the poor and hungry, the lepers and widows he served.

St Clare : Born in Assisi in 1193, she was a follower of St Francis and embraced his life of poverty. She is renowned as the founder of the religious order of nuns, the Poor Clares. Clare led a very austere life herself, abounding in works of piety and charity. Such was the regard for her holiness that she was canonised two years after her death.

St Jane Frances de Chantal : Born in Dijon in 1572, she was married with six children. Following the death of her husband in a hunting accident, she entered religious life and with the help of her spiritual director, Francis de Sales, she founded the Order of the Visitation, nuns dedicated to works of charity among the sick and the poor.

St Pontian and St Hippolytus both suffered martyrdom after being exiled to the island of Sardinia and the mines there by the Emperor Maximinus Thrax. Pontian had succeeded Urban I as Pope in 230, while Hippolytus was a priest in Rome. They died in exile but their remains were brought back to Rome where their cult began in the fourth century.

St Maximilian Mary Kolbe : Born in Poland in 1894, he became a Franciscan in 1910. He was arrested by the invading German forces in 1939 and sentenced to heavy labour in the extermination camp at Auschwitz. When a married man was singled out for execution, Maximilian volunteered to take his place and was killed by lethal injection on 14th August 1941. Maximilian was canonised in 1982 in the presence of the man whose life he had so courageously saved.

ANNIVERSARIES : Please remember in your prayers all those whose anniversaries occur about this time including : Ken Renno (2019), Thomas Croasdale, Sheila White, Marian Smith, Margaret Fitzpatrick, James McAllister, Mary Goldsworthy, Patrick Joseph Bowden, John O’Brien, Jim McLoughlin, Mary Hall, Dorothy Marian Arthur, Mehaley Moore, David Michael Cunliffe, George Hibbins, Evelyn Robinson, Margaret Courston, Barry Doyle, Miriam Moxham. May they rest in peace.

Please pray also for the repose of the soul of Derek Behan, father of our reader Mark, who died last week and whose private funeral will take place on Thursday. May he rest in the peace of the Risen Lord.

Those wishing to continue to make regular offerings to the parish may do so by direct bank-transfer using the following details :

Sort code : 20-55-34;
Account number : 10168300.
Account name (if requested) : The Salford Diocesan Trust.
If you are asked to specify, it is a ‘business account’.

Those who do not use online banking may send in a cheque made out to ‘Sacred Heart Church, Blackburn’.
Many thanks to everyone for ongoing support.