Trinity Sunday, 26th May, 2024

TODAY’S FEAST celebrates the mystery of the three persons in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Monday, 27th May : St Augustine of Canterbury 12 noon

Tuesday, 28th May : 12 noon

Wednesday, 29th May : 12 noon

Thursday, 30th May : 12 noon

Friday, 31st May : The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary 12 noon

Saturday, 1st June : St Justin, Martyr 11.00 a.m. 6.15 p.m. (Vigil Mass)

Sunday, 2nd June : 10.30 a.m. (SH) & 12.30 p.m. (St Anne’s)

FEASTS OF THE WEEK : St Augustine of Canterbury (Monday) : In 597 Pope Gregory the Great charged Augustine, then a monk in the monastery of St Peter in Rome, with the task of converting the people of Britain. He was sent to England and baptized King Ethelbert and many of his subjects, also establishing the See of Canterbury and later other dioceses in Rochester and London. Augustine died in 605.

The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Friday) : This important feast celebrates the visit made by the young Virgin Mary to the home of her cousin Elizabeth who also was with child. Feeling the presence of his Divine Saviour, Elizabeth’s unborn child (who was to be John the Baptist) leapt in his mother’s womb on Mary’s arrival. Following Elizabeth’s greeting, Mary proclaimed what we know as the Magnificat, a hymn of praise of the Lord for all He had done for His handmaid and expressing her unbounded faith and humility.

St Justin (Saturday) : Born in Samaria in the second century, Justin studied philosophy before converting to Christianity at the age of thirty-three. As a lay apologist, he travelled extensively preaching the Gospel and defending the faith from attacks, while also writing two very important works, the Apologies and the Dialogue, in support of it. These writings provide valuable insights into the practices of the earliest Christian communities. Justin was arrested and beheaded in Rome during the reign of Marcus Aurelius.

ANNIVERSARIES : Veronica Southworth, James Brindle, Bernadette Garstang, Joseph Mooney, Con Desmond, Richard Dutton, Betty Hill, May Andrews, Bernard Cartmell, John Simon Gowans, Michael Bernard Bamber, Ivy Phillips, Aloysius Lester, Dorothy Hargreaves, Irene Turner, Susan Mary Stanley (2023), Marjorie Elizabeth Hibbins, Maureen Tierney, Lynn Diane Hills, Lilian Roberts, Thomas Wareing, Bryan Joseph Dobson, Stefania Molczanow. May they rest in peace.

COLLECTIONS : Offertory £377.75 (Sacred Heart £286.70; St Anne’s £91.05). Parish Pound (SH) £96.85. Many thanks. The Parish Pound (second collection) is of particular importance to the Sacred Heart Church and the maintenance of the building. In two weeks’ time, work will be undertaken to upgrade the interior lighting and provide much needed brighter iillumination at a more convenient and accessible height. Proceeds from the parish pound collection will help to offset the cost and so we appeal to all who regularly attend weekend masses at Sacred Heart to contribute regularly to the second collection. Even if you donate online, please try to add a little extra to the basket each week and so boost the weekly total. As the saying goes, ‘Every little helps’. Many thanks as always for your generous support.

BINGO in the Parish Room on Thursday afternoon this week from 2.15.


Friday, 14th June : Heskin Hall (west of Chorley) for an outdoor performance by the acclaimed Dukes Theatre Company of Lancaster. They are presenting ‘As You Like It’, Shakepeare’s delightful comedy, as part of their 50-venues’ UK tour. Picnic chairs will be required (with or without an actual picnic) and the gates open at 6 p.m. ahead of the performance starting at 7. Tickets in advance are £19.00. A party from the parish will be going by car. If you would like to come, please pop your name on the list on the notice-board or simply phone 580443.

ARLEY HALL GARDEN FESTIVAL : A Sunday afternoon visit on 30th June to this majestic stately-home and its glorious gardens nestling in the Cheshire countryside for the second day of the annual Garden Festival. We made this trip a few years ago and enjoyed a lovely look-around the impressive house with its ornate ceilings, oak paneling and attractive furnishings and art-works, while also visiting the chapel and enjoying a tour of the beautiful gardens. There is a variety of stalls offering arts and crafts as well as an array of unusual plants and garden accessories. This year, a ‘fun’ dog-show is also featured. Group-discount pre-booked tickets are just £15.00. Coach fare will depend on numbers travelling. We will also be taking in an early-evening meal on the way home. Please sign the list on the notice-board as soon as possible if you would like to join our party or simply phone 580443 to book your place(s). Departure from Sacred Heart will be at 12.15 p.m.

A PARISH ROOM CONCERT on Tuesday, 2nd July (7.30 p.m.) given by The Lancashire Trills, a ladies’ choir from the Ribble Valley. A varied programme of light entertainment is promised, featuring some well-known and some less familiar pieces. Light refreshments will be served after the concert which will be delivered without an interval.