The Solemnity of All Saints, Sunday 1st November 2020

TODAY’S FEAST celebrates all those who are in Heaven in the light of God’s face – not only those officially recognised by the Church as saints but also those others known only to the Lord for their good lives. We ask for their intercession and strive to follow their example, so that we too can fulfil our vocation to be saints.

TOMORROW’S FEAST : All Souls’ Day, properly entitled The Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed, unites us with all our family members, friends and parishioners who have gone before us to their eternal rest. At mass tomorrow, we will remember and pray not only for all our departed loved ones but especially for those who died earlier in the year but for whom we were unable to provide a Requiem Mass. Please join the congregation if you can at the 12 noon mass and light a candle in their memory.


Monday, 2nd November : ALL SOULS’ DAY 12 noon

Tuesday, 3rd November : St Winifrede 12 noon

Wednesday, 4th November : St Charles Borromeo 12 noon

Thursday, 5th November : NO MASS

Friday, 6th November : (Exposition from 11.30 a.m.) 12 noon

Saturday, 7th November : St Willibrord 6.15 p.m. (Vigil Mass)

Sunday, 8th November : Remembrance Sunday 10.30 a.m. (Sacred Heart) & 12.30 p.m. (St Anne’s)


St Winifrede (Tuesday) : Little is known about the life of this Welsh saint, the niece of St Beuno. She is believed to have had a troubled life, in defence of her vow of chastity, prior to ending her days as a nun. Her cult has been widespread since the Middle Ages, with centres at Shrewsbury where her relics were enshrined in 1138 and at Holywell, the scene of an attempt on her life. The shrine and the well-known St Winifrede’s Well there have been for centuries, and still are, places of pilgrimage.

St Charles Borromeo (Wednesday) : A saint from the sixteenth century, Charles was born into a noble Italian family, the nephew of Pope Pius IV. He became a Cardinal and then Archbishop of Milan. A true shepherd of his flock, he made frequent visits across his diocese; he called synods, made wise decisions for the good of souls, and strenuously promoted Christian values and morality.

St Willibrord (Saturday) : Born in 658 in the north east of England, he was educated at Ripon under the auspices of St Wilfrid. His ministry took him to various places in northern Europe and after ordination as bishop he established his diocese at Utrecht. He also founded a monastery in Luxembourg where his relics are venerated. One of the Manchester churches bears his name.

ANNIVERSARIES : Please remember in your prayers all those whose anniversaries occur about this time including : Hubert Lynch, Cecilia Mary Harrison, William Gaffney, Norah Mabel Goddard, Frank Turner, Roland Greenwood, Harold Hibbins, Nicholas Tuchmann, Thomas Finch, Margaret Moloney. May they rest in peace.

OBITUARY : Please pray for the happy repose of the soul of Lilian Mooney who died on Wednesday. We offer our condolences to David and Mary and to all the extended Mooney family in their sad loss. May Lilian now rest in the peace of the Risen Lord. Please remember also John Dennett, nephew of Mary Robinson, who died during the week. Lord, grant him eternal rest.

RITA MALLOCH (R.I.P.) : Rita’s requiem mass was held at Sacred Heart on Monday. It was something of an historic occasion. Rita was 100 years old and had lifelong connections with the parish, being baptized in the ‘Upper Room’ at the school on St Silas’ Road when the building doubled as the original parish church. She was also one of the first to be married in the newly-built Sacred Heart Church in 1940 and, though she lived out her later years in Lytham and Blackpool, she expressed a wish to make a final return to her parish church. Rita may be remembered by some as a nurse at Our Lady of Compassion Hospital in the sixties.

CHRISTMAS CARDS : We hope to have pre-ordered Christmas cards from the Liverpool Carmelites available during November. The leaflet illustrating the range of cards will be distributed at this weekend’s masses, together with details of how to order. Please be understanding of the procedure necessary under Covid-19 restrictions.

COLLECTIONS : The offertory last weekend amounted to £251.15 (Sacred Heart £198.35, St Anne’s £52.80). Further donations to CAFOD (Family Fast) ; £20. Many thanks.

DIRECT BANK-TRANSFER or regular standing order donations to the parish may be made using the following  details :
Sort Code : 20-55-58
Account Number : 90628042
Account Name : The Salford Diocesan Trust.
If you are asked to specify, it is a ‘business account’.

If you wish to continue paying by standing-order and haven’t done already, you will need to cancel your existing standing order and start a new one as the separate accounts for each church will be closed later this month.
Please make the required adjustments as soon as possible.

(See our front page for more FAQs regarding the new account)

300 CLUB PARISH DRAW : Current subscriptions to the monthly draw ended last month. There will be no draw in October. We are working to maintain this useful source of income to the parish and will shortly be contacting existing members regarding renewal of subscriptions (£12 for the year). Owing to current restrictions and the reduction in numbers attending church, it will be less straightforward to compile the new list, so it expected that the draw will resume in December in time for Christmas with an attractive prize ahead of Christmas.

You can help the organisers in different ways:

(i) by re-enrolling when you visit your church for mass at the weekends

(ii) by using the direct bank-transfer method. Use the details as above for online donations plus in the reference box add 300 Club. (If you use the same mandate for online donations please ensure 300 Club is not showing as a reference for those future donations)

(iii) by posting a cheque made out to ‘Sacred Heart & St Anne’s Blackburn’ to the Sacred Heart Presbytery, 313 Preston New Road Blackburn, BB2 6PL.

Subscriptions can be renewed anytime from now and your support for the draw will be greatly appreciated as always.

We are pleased to welcome back perhaps our longest-distance subscriber, former parishioner Angela Yates from Suffolk, who wishes to be remembered to her friends in the parish.

CHURCH CLEANING : Owing to health-issues, we are in urgent need of TWO volunteers to help out on the cleaners’ rota (one week in four for about one-and-a-half hours by mutual arrangement). If you can offer any help, please contact Dorothy on 678953.


Please sanitise your hands in the porch before entering the church. You will be asked for your contact details, as this helps with Track and Trace if necessary. If you pick up a mass leaflet and a newsletter, please be sure to take them both away with you. Please do not leave them on the bench.

You will also be given a post-it note to place on the bench where you are seated; this helps the stewards when cleaning the church after mass. Please do not use the kneelers but remain seated throughout the mass, except for the Gospel.

The wearing of face-coverings is mandatory unless you are medically exempt. Supplies of masks are available upon request. Masks should be lowered as you approach the priest for Holy Communion.

Holy Communion : There are special arrangements to be followed. Please be directed by the stewards at all times. You should not leave your seat to approach the altar until you are invited to do so by a steward. This is to ensure social-distancing. If you are seated on the right-hand side of the church, after receiving Holy Communion please return to your place by the right-hand side aisle. If you are seated on the left-hand side of the church, please return by the left-hand side aisle. Do not return to your place down the centre-aisle.

If you wish to leave a mass donation, you may use the basket provided near the exit door. You should leave the church only by the side-door on the left. If you are unable to use the steps safely, please wait until everyone has left the church and a steward will then guide you out of the front entrance.

Exit after Mass must be by the side-door only, as directed by the stewards.

Please sanitise your hands again as you leave the church. Help us to keep you safe. Thank-you for your patience and understanding.


Please ensure that you sanitise your hands in the porch before entering the church and again on leaving.

Please follow the directions from the stewards at all times. They will show you to your seat and invite you forward, in turn to receive Holy Communion. You should not leave your seat to approach the altar before you are invited to do so, in order to ensure that social-distancing is maintained.

Remember to observe the one-way system in the church, returning to your seat or leaving the church by the side-aisle on the left only. Exit down the centre-aisle must be avoided.

It would be preferable not to use the kneelers but to remain seated throughout the mass, except for the Gospel.

The wearing of face-coverings is now mandatory.

Masks should be lowered as you approach the priest to receive Holy Communion.

If you have not brought one with you, supplies are available as you enter the church.