Pope Francis on Twitter

The Apostle Paul exhorts ministers to closeness: closeness to God, prayer, closeness of the bishop to his priests; closeness of priests to each other; closeness to the people of God. #SantaMarta

If we bishops and priests appropriate the gift of God and turn it into a job, we lose the gaze of Jesus. Let us ask the Lord to help us take care of the gift of our ministry. #SantaMarta

Every human project can first be approved and then end up shipwrecked. But everything that comes from above and bears the “signature” of God is destined to last. #GeneralAudience

"The Lord was moved with compassion" (Luke 7:13). Our God is a God of compassion. Compassion is the weakness of God, but also His strength. #SantaMarta

St Paul asks us to pray "for all in authority" (1 Tim 2:2). We must learn to do this, even for politicians with whom we disagree. Christians must pray for all people in government, that they may work for the common good. #SantaMarta

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