Pope Francis on Twitter

Mary is a woman who walks with the grace and the tenderness of a mother; she unties all the knots of the many problems we manage to create, and she teaches us to stand upright in the midst of storms. #MaryHelpOfChristians

We pray for the Catholics in China. May Our Lady of Sheshan help them witness to the faith, in communion with the universal Church, and to persevere in unity despite the wounds and the trials, trusting in the hope that does not disappoint.

God does not reside in the greatness of that which we accomplish, but in the littleness of the poor persons that we meet. #Caritas

Every creature has a function, none is superfluous. The whole universe speaks the language of God's love, of His boundless affection for us: soil, water, mountains, everything is God's caress. #Biodiversity #LaudatoSì'

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