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In order to make our Virtual Masses as secure as we reasonably can, unless you already receive personal notifications, should you wish to attend we will be require you to register your name and email to us via the form below.

I will use this information to email you notifications and links to each Sunday Mass as soon as I am notified by Fr Jim.

You only need submit your details once
The links may not be the same each week so please use the link for that particular Mass

Should you no longer wish to receive notifications please submit the form again and ask to be removed from the list in the message box

In order to ensure the Mass runs as smoothly as we can please ensure:

When in the Mass please ensure your audio is muted (red mike bottom left corner) unless you are reading or joining in the communal prayers otherwise any loud noise in your vicinity could make you appear temporarily on the main viewing screen replacing Father Jim or the reader.

Please log on several minutes before the Mass as you will be admitted via a waiting area and late arrivals may cause slight interruptions to the broadcast.

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