Chemin de Bernadette continued

This final piece of the map guides us into the fields and oak woods
From there its quite easy to find your way into Bartres as you will see

Shortly after passing the Palais de Sports the Road seems to split with the main road going to the left. On your right you will see Alles de 3 villas, we take the centre road past the red car shown in the picture.


From here the map indicates a footpath but is in fact a narrow road.



The road/path joins the Chemin de Saint-Pauly and the road gets steadily steeper as you pass a recycling centre on your left




The road gets even steeper as you reach its summit. Once you are at the point in this picture you then turn right off the road and up a signposted footpath.
You go through a small gate and then up a small series of deep steps, that’s the hardest part over.



The path is easy to follow and the views are glorious.


Eventually you get on a small road again through an oak wood








…. then on your left just before you reach the a main road again you can see Hosanna House over on your left





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