Sacred Heart RC Church & Parish
The Early Days

Sacred Heart Parish owes its existence primarily to the zeal and determination of Fr. Edward Woods, Parish Priest of St Annes. He saw, that with the development of Blackburn on the western side that the original parish would become unwieldy.

5 May 1900 The foundation stone for the School and Chapel was laid by the Right Reverend John Bilsborrow, Bishop of Salford at the corner of St Silas's Road and Leamington Road where the present Sacred Heart Primary School still stands
14 January 1901 The school was opened with 28 pupils on the register

The church in the (now) school hall
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17 February 1901 Mass was said for the first time in the Chapel. The Rector of Stonyhurst preached in the morning and at the evening service. Although the school was in daily use from then only one Mass was said each Sunday morning
5 May 1901 For the first time two Masses were said in the Chapel at 8.30 and 10.30.
14 July 1901 Bishop Bilsborrow formally opened the building and the Church was solemnly dedicated to the Sacred Heart.
21 July 1901 An important message was read after Mass - "There will be service here this evening and every Sunday hereafter at 6 o'clock." That marked the begining of Evening Service at the Church of the Sacred Heart.
29 October 1905 The Church of the Sacred Heart ceased to be part of St Anne's Parish and became a separate Parish under the care of Father John T Bousfield. Having no Presbytery he became a lodger at the Franciscan Convent.
5 November 1905 It was announced that there would be Mass daily at 8am and an Evening Service every Thursday..
21 January 1906 Father Bousfield finally moved to live in the Parish at No 9 St Silas Road, thanks to the generosity of Mr Frank Arkwright, a parishioner, who purchased the house in order that the new priest could be near his church..
7 March 1907 The Church was registered for marriages.
29 March 1908 Bishop Casartelli made his first Visitation to the Parish, and in the afternoon administered the Sacrement of Confirmation to 81 people.
30 June 1912 Bishop John Vaughan made a Visitation to the Parish during which 90 people were confirmed.
18 August to
20 October 1912
Owing to ill health Father Bousfield was granted leave of absence by His Holiness Pope Pius X due to ill health. During that time the Parish was in the care of Father George Swift.
2 April 1916 Bishop John Vaughan made a Visitation to the Parish during which 110 people were confirmed.
27 October 1918 His Lordship the Bishop preached at the last Mass of the day on which the Church was keeping a double celebration, the anniverary of the opening of the church being separate from St Anne's Parish and the freedom from debt of the Parish - the last penny of the original £2,000 debt having being paid on 27 September.
28 November 1920 With the Parish now free from debt their thoughts turned to a new Church. The first donation of £50 to the large fund that would be needed was made on this day .
23 May 1922 Bishop Hanlon made a Visitation to the Parish during which 112 people were confirmed..
May 1923 Father Bousfield left the Sacred Heart Parish to take charge of St Marys. Rev James Cartin, at that time chaplain to Notre Dame Convent, Blackburn, was apponted as the new Parish Priest.
15 October 1937 The Foundation stone for the present Church was laid by the Bishop of Salford, Dr T Henshaw.
September 1938 First Solemn High Mass for the opening of the new Church of the Sacred Heart. The Celebrant was Fr. Cartin, the Deacon Fr. Eckberry and the Subdeacon Fr. Waring. (see picture below)

First Solemn High Mass celebrated in the church, on 30 September 1938.

Photograph taken on or around the opening of the New Church.
Back Row: First on left is Fr Casartelli, in the middle of the three Deans is Dean Marshall, later to be 6th Bishop of Salford, with Dean Bousfield on his left.
Front Row are Fathers Bob Waring, James Cartin and George Ekbery.

1954 Father Cartin retired to St Joseph's, Whalley Range, Manchester where he died that same year.
November 1954 Father Louis Tighe became Parish Priest. He was assisted by various curates, of whom Father Leo McVey stayed 10 years, the last three as administrator
10 August 1958 Rt. Rev. G A Beck, Bishop of Salford formally opened Our Lady Of Compassion Nursing Home on Preston New Road, the very first private nursing home to be opened in this country by the Order of the Nuns of Our Lady of Compassion.
January 1960 Father T P Keville became Parish Priest and was assisted. He has been assisted by the following curates;- Father Eustache 1960-61, Father Mulcahy 1961-64, Father Sanfrey 1964-67 and Father P Desmond from 1967
1967 A portion of the Parish was surrendered to form part of the new Good Shepherd Parish which was placed in the care of the Marist Fathers with Father Charles Howarth Snr. in charge.

Sacred Heart In 19?? anyone know what date this could be?

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